Jurassic World : Premier Poster Officiel !

Jurassic World : Premier Poster Officiel !

Jurassic World aka Jurassic Park 4 ouvrira ses portes le 10 juin 2015…

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  1. Judy at 13:56

    Ej, hvor sjovt, den har jeg også tænkt mig at købe Der ser så lækker ud! Min kæreste synes dog jeg er sindssyg, at give så mange penge for en pusletaske! Men jeg gider altså ikke bruge 700-800 kr. på en Ba-ayer-inPnjamas-mønstret tingest

  2. http://www./ at 2:39

    Such was my assumption, by I have no way to prove it to a skeptic, and I was unwilling to make a definitive statement on the matter, lest the conversation be drawn into the swamps of speculations about female souls in male bodies, et cetera. For now, the conversation is about masculine and feminine things we see in this fallen world. I also did not want to introduce a note of Cartesian duality by talking about male souls and female souls, a note Thomistic doctrine nicely preempts and avoids.

  3. http://www./ at 2:45

    I tried to submit on the 23rd prior to midnight, but the entry box was broken due to firefox 3. the entry submission box didn't appear and the javascript was broken. I send the redcarpetreporter team an email about it, but they didn't understand. So, my suggestion is: make it possible to do a submission. Maybe I'll be able to enter, if you do. Thanks a lot.Also, the official entry rules at people.com say 4 min max and no minimum on the video. I think they should sync to ur requirements. I read their rules and made the video accordingly: 1min5secoh well…

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