Peter Dinklage in Full Effect

Peter Dinklage in Full Effect

Peter Dinklage photographié sur le tournage du film Pixels qui débarquera dans nos salles le 27 mai 2015… CAN’T WAIIIT !!!

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  1. Kali at 11:55

    Somehow my husband got adedctid to this series shortly after the 1st book was released -he even met & was photographed w/ George R.R.R.R.R. Martin. I read the first one to humor him, but I hate most fantasy and much historical fiction (good call on the comparison), but for what it was, the book was extremely well written. I just throw up in my mouth a little bit every time my husband geeks about the series. I have been around numerous strangers reading the books whom he has struck up conversations with. He just loves that the series he discovered quite a while back (I think I bought him the first book for his 20th birthday, & he just turned 30!) has become so popular among the masses. You think you’re waiting a long time for the new ones? He has finished each book in hardback no more than a week after it’s come out!

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